Henrik Vinding Kirkegaard

aka Quist, Kobayashi, HEKI

Welcome to Kobayashi.dk

My name is Henrik Kirkegaard. I have been working with Agile in different roles over the last 6 years, and before that I was a professional Project Manager.
In my years working with Agile, I have started up new teams, closed down teams, and finished projects. I have coached teams and individuals in Agile, and thought and managed other Coaches to do the same. I think I have tried most things and situations. Before that I have worked as a Project Manager, Test Manager, Bid Manager and much more. Working with very skilled people and non-skilled people alike, from all walks of life, all nationalities, cultures and religions. I have also worked as a Project Manager at SMUK, a Danish music festival, with 60.000 visitors. I was responsible for Planning and building the main sight for the festival, and had 200 volunteers working under me. All of these experiences have prepared me for the Agile Coach I am today.

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Mit Festival Program

Android app

This app contains the program for selected festivals.

The goal of the app is to have easy access to the program without access, or with poor access to the network, as well as to save power and data.

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Chrome extension

En udvidelse til chrome der linker til din personlige startside side på netvibes.com

If you want more functionality and live updates, download the festival app.

Choose a festival at the top, and swipe back and forth between the days.

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